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Where there is no counsel, the people fall; But in the multitude of counselors, there is safety. 

Proverbs 11:14

Clarence and Jerri

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We are all on the Wedded Path, a life's journey continually calling each and every one of us to establish a sustain a close relationship with our Creator.

Clarence and Jerri Drakes are graduates of New York Theological Seminary. They received a master's degree in Pastoral Care and Counseling.

Clarence and Jerri believe each couple is unique. Marriage is a calling having a purpose, and a vision. with the knowledge of God's design for marriage and with the help of the Holy Spirit Clarence and Jerri coach couples to develop loving relationship with each other that is flourishing, fulfilling and fruitful.


  • Getting married or engaged. Know God's vision for marriage.

    1 hr

    Custom Pricing
  • Rekindle, your relationship to be flourishing, fulfilling & fruitful

    1 hr

    Custom Pricing
  • Group discussion for married woman only - February 5, 2022

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  • Saving Your Marriage Before it Starts

    1 hr



Couple Enjoying Outdoor

Franc and Maddy

We simply would like to take this opportunity to share our heartfelt gratitude for your time, attention, guidance, and mentorship all throughout our sessions together.  Maddy and I have felt extremely - and pleasantly I might add - overwhelmed with the amount of wisdom and life experiences we were able to attain.  We thank God for you and all that you have been able to pour into us.  We look forward to a continued journey of learning from you both

A Date in the Forest

Grateful Couple

My experience with Dynamic Marriage has been an amazing experience.  The Drakes provide love, support, and apply Christian values in marriage counseling.  I am a work in progress and encouragement from the Marriage Ministry, has helped me to become a better husband.  I've taken more steps forward than backward thanks to the Drakes

Happy Senior Couple

Matt and Joan Gorsky

Showering us with prayers, an encouraging spirit, and sound Biblically based help. This ministry has been an awesome, inspiring blessing to us.

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