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Exceptional Love

There are days when I’m so mystified that you have chosen me That every night before I close my eyes, I thank God that I am me To know that you love me To know that you care To know that you'll give up yourself and you'll still ask of nothing from me.

Your love is exceptional Born of a heart of gold It fills me up to my soul That my cup it overflows You're my sunshine All day all night Always for all time Baby You're my heart life Star shining so bright Your love's unconditional so Exceptional

Every night when I lie next to you I lay in disbelief That I'm worthy of deserving you That I get to live this dream To know that you want me Is to know that I'm here To know that I live in your heart is to know that I'm blessed and it's clear.

Your love is exceptional.

These are the lyrics of a beautiful love ballad written and recorded by Kenneth Brian Edmonds also known professionally as Babyface. It can be heard on his album entitled Tender Love. I love this song because being loved is Exceptional and Kenneth describes the feeling so well.

There are so many sad stories of couples who fell in love, got married, bought a home, had children and then the marriage fell apart. Both went into the marriage confident they were in love and that love would last forever. Then life happens, the bottom falls out, love disappears. All the love they had for one another vanished like it never existed.

Truth be told we cannot love without God. We, as humans do not have the capacity to love. We are only able to love each other because, we are loved by God.

He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.” 1 John 4:8

God is the source of love. The love of God is not only the standard for our marriage it is the source of love for our marriage. When God formed Adam, God breathed life into Adam. Breath from the original Hebrew word means spirit of life. Adam and Eve embraced a spirit filled relationship. God being their source of love.

Many of us believe that another person should be our dependable source of love. As young children, our parents demonstrated that they were the dependable source of love. But if they did not role-model for you where their source of love emerged then chances are you never knew of their personal spiritual connection with God. When I look to my spouse as the source of love to fill my God size needs the occasion is marked as expectations unmet. Unmet needs are at the top of the list of dying relationships.

Your source of love must be bigger than your spouse. You must have a source in order to be a source. If you desire exceptional love, there is only one source of love and that source is God. God is love. All love that shows up through another person is coming from God. God is the source of ‘Exceptional Love’.

If you are struggling in your marriage today. I encourage you to sit down in the presence of the Holy Spirit and ask for help. Pray and connect with God first. Receive and understand the love God has for you and out of that place of receiving, repentance and acceptance, restoration begin.

God can meet your needs. God is your source of love and from the source you can freely love your spouse. This is the only way to have a strong healthy marriage.

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