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Insight to the Meaning of Surrender

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Are you the husband who leads like a controlling "task master”, demanding your wife to surrender to your orders? Are you the wife who wants to surrender to her husband but rather feels the heartless task master approach, condemning?

As we enter this new season of renewal it calls for us to examine who we are and where we are going. Take a close look at the story below to see if you are represented in the image of marriage.

A woman found herself married to a demanding ‘taskmaster’ husband. Her life was miserable for whatever she did or did not do, she felt condemned, empty, and broken.

One day he died, and she remarried. It was truly a loving relationship. Sometime later she found a list of all the rules her former husband demanded she keep and, to her surprise found she was keeping them all – but without condemnation.

The difference was … understanding his genuine love for her, she surrendered to his love and thus to his will.

Likewise, when we are totally surrendered to God's will, we live according to His will effortlessly, with confidence and joy.

Therefore, manifesting the reality of achieving the fruits of heaven here on earth.

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